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New technology has increased home security options

The growing market for automated home security has made available a wide range of devices and systems. Security is uppermost in the minds of many homeowners, and often their first purchase is a simple plug-in timer that turns lights on and off at pre-determined intervals. These can also be used with radios, televisions, and other small appliance to give the impression of the home being occupied at hours when it is not.

Further up the scale of home automation sophistication are devices such as recorders that can play back selected sounds through speakers judiciously placed in strategic locations throughout the home. These sounds may include barking dogs and the playback can be triggered by a microphone tuned to respond to a knock at the door or ring of the bell.

Your PC can help make your home more secure

Since the advent of home computers there has been a significant increase in the abilities of home security automation systems to automatically perform various tasks such as locking entry doors that have been inactive for a pre-set interval and closing window blinds at programmed times. Automatic garage doors can be lowered in a similar fashion, showing that a well-designed home automation system can provide peace of mind unattainable even a few years ago.

Other computerised aspects of home automation include such security monitors as motion detectors, closed circuit television systems, magnetic contacts to detect opening of doors or windows, and glass breakage sensors. Such systems can also monitor interior atmospherics for smoke, fire, and gas leaks.

There can also be a cost-saving aspect when a home automation security system is programmed to change the heating or cooling level during the occupant’s absence and then returning it to the normal comfort level prior to their return. This cost saving can make the purchase and installation of such a system worthwhile.

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