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intruder alarm

Why invest in an intruder alarm?

As an investment, an Intruder Alarm is probably the best value for money for the protection of your business. An intruder or burglar alarm is a system widely employed to inform the owner, or other responsible person that someone has entered the protected office or home without authority.

Which intruder alarm systems are available?

The most basic alarm systems comprise of a control panel and keypad for operation, detection devices to activate the alarm and an audible means of warning as a deterrent. These are generally referred to as bells only systems. Most basic systems these days also include a method of communicating the activation to your mobile phone.

More complicated intruder alarm systems utilise very sophisticated technology. The level of sophistication chosen will strongly influence the cost factor and therefore depends upon the dangers attending an unwanted intrusion. A museum housing priceless Michelangelo art, for example, employs such devices as pressure pads embedded within the flooring materials around the displays, and sensitive microphones that detect specific frequencies, particularly the ones associated with very sharp sounds such as breaking glass.

Other commonly utilised triggers for intruder alarm systems are PIR motion detectors and infra-red beams mounted in inconspicuous locations. The transmitters and receivers are set at random angles and can be moved often as a further barrier to would-be intruders. Dual technology motion sensors combine infra-red and microwave technologies to give a very reliable form of detection.

The result of an alarm being activated can vary from a simple siren and strobe unit, flashing lights and making a very loud noise, to communication to a control centre for police response or even filling the area with smoke so dense that escape becomes impossible.

British Security Technologies Intruder Alarms

British Security Technologies uses only approved intruder alarm and burglar alarm products to protect your business. Our professional approach ensures that you have the optimum system for your purposes. With a monitored intruder or burglar alarm you are connected 24 hours a day to the CUSTODIAN NACOSS Approved Alarm Centre via your phone line. Your business is monitored even if you are away, so any break in signal will be attended by key holders and, if the alarm is sequentially confirmed the police will be alerted.

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